Thomas Zach


born 25.10.1812 in Male-Zihany/CSSR; he died 1.01.1892 in Vienna. He was the founder of the Viennese Zach School, which can be followed until today.
Beeing a miller-journeyman at the beginning he was later the pupil of Johann Baptist Dvorak and Anton Sitt in Prag. Afterwards he worked with Joh. Baptist Schweitzer(a pupil of Franz Geissenhof) in Budapest (Hungary) and was his sucessor around 1853. After 13 years he sold the workshop. In the meantime he has owned a coffeeshop. Later he arrived after different whereabouts (1866 in Bukarest), around 1870 in Vienna.
In 1888 he entrusted his son Carl Zach his workshop located in Vienna 1, Kärtnerstraße 34.
He build his instruments mainly after Stradivari and Guarneri. His precise work and the excellent wood and varnish quality of his instruments obtained him in Vienna a very good reputation as a Violinmaker. During the World-Exhibition 1873 in Vienna, he received several awards for his exhibited instruments. 1889 he delivered some instruments to the Symphonie-Orchestra in Boston.
Today his instruments are highly appreciated.