Anton Jirowsky III



Son of A.Jirowsky II, he was born on the 27th of August 1937 in Vienna, beeing a pupil of H. Jirowsky and A. Stübiger. From his grandmother,(she was running the workshop after the sudden death of his father, with Adolf Stübiger as a shop manager) he has overtaken the workshop in 1958. 1978 he moved his workshop to the present location Lothringerstr.11.


In this workshop he is working until July 1997, afterwards he retired, having Walter Neubauer as his successor. He died in the year 2000. Pupils of A. Jirowsky III: Johann Krumpöck, Peter Tunkowitsch, Walter Neubauer, Fritz Jirowsky.


He builded his instruments after Stradivari and Guarneri models often with orangebrown oil-varnish. About 50 instruments have been created by himself, including several violas and 2 celli. Due to his occupation as a maker, repairer & restorer, as well as an expert for old stringed instruments, he is appreciated by his clients and in the violinmaker circles.