Anton Jirowsky I




born on the 5th of Aug.1877 in Vienna, he is the founder of this workshop. As a pupil of Carl Zach from 1889 – 1894 he is carrying the viennese Zach school into the next century. As a journeyman he works from 1898 until 1903 with Karl Haudek. (He called himself the violinmaker for the emperor and the royals). From 1903 until his death in the year of 1941 he runs his workshop located in Vienna, Lothringerstr.16.


He build his instruments mainly after Stradivari and Guarneri models, which are often of a reddishbrown oil varnish. He often painted the edges of the scroll black. Very good wood quality. He builded also a numerous amount of guitars and was appreciated as a restorer. Also he attended several exhibitions, receiving many awards. He build about 300 violins, 20 violas and 10 celli.