Born in Vienna, on the 12th of Juli 1962, as son of violinmaker Gerhard Neubauer there is no question about my profession in the future.

After attending a business education for 3 years, I started 1980 my apprenticeship in the workshop of Violinmaker Anton Jirowsky in Vienna.

I have spend my time as a journeyman from 1984 on, in the workshop of my father, Gerhard Neubauer, violinmaker.1989 I completed with success my examination for the master craftsman's diploma in Vienna.

Afterwards I have been employed in the shop of my father as a manager, responsible for the workshop and the care of the clients.

Since July 1997 I have been taking over the traditional workshop of my former apprenticeship-master, violinmaker Anton Jirowsky, located in Vienna, Lothringerstr. 11, as a self-employed violinmaker.